graphic & web design for socially conscious non-profits and social enterprises in New York City

We care about the world we live in.
We want to make a difference.
Our tool is design.

We've branded non-profits and agents of social change, helped socially conscious businesses tell their stories, and elevated the arts with engaging visuals.

If you want to make the world a better place, and you need to look really good doing it, you've come to the right place.

What we can do for you: Branding and logos, web design and development, illustration, print, and visual communications strategy.

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Robert Arnow
Director of Creative Instigation

After years of engagement as a political activist and freelance designer, Rob merged his passions at the helm of Incitement. He’s won over a dozen Pollie Awards for design in political campaigns.

As a result of years of participating in social change efforts, he understands not just how to make things look good, but how to communicate ideas with impact.

In his spare time, Rob also creates paintings, photographs his international travels, and spends time exploring nature.

Miguel Ibarra
Senior Visual Instigator

Miguel stands second to none as a warrior on the battlefield of design. He can call in an illustration strike, make direct hits with Photoshop missiles, and splatter color all over the enemy when necessary.