Short and silly, this is mostly work
from my film school days.

Be Amazing

A step-by-step guide to taking over the world using nanotechnology. I made this video for with a team of 3D animators using motion capture technology. It was a beast — one of the most difficult and complex films I’ve made, it took nearly six months to complete. Wired featured it on their front page and called it a “hilarious gem!”

Portable Living Room

Nissan paid me to create a short film for a online marketing campaign. I managed to make something that had absolutely nothing to do with cars, and somehow they didn’t seem to mind. It screened at film festivals internationally and was featured on the IFC Channel. The song is by Garrison Starr.

Famous Last Words

An animated musical starring Death, who sings us through his favorite last words
from the annals of history.

Ransom Riggs. © All Rights Reserved, 2014.
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